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We are attending the ISM in Koln today. We provide logistics services to manufacturers / distributors etc to need cost effective distribution & warehousing services to the UK supermarket groups.

We have produced a digital flipbook to showcase our services, if you want us to come and see you , please advise

We have been preparing for Brexit for over a year now and have been working towards a variety of solutions in order to minimise disrution to your Supply Chain.


Are you concerned about how you will get your goods to Lidl in the event of a Hard Brexit? This year we spent time at the Port of Rotterdam & Dublin to look at new routes to market. In addition to that we have set up a "drop & swap" container operation from the Port of Liverpool and also offer the same with trailers for Northern based manufacturers / suppliers to Lidl. We are aiming to to become the Northern Logistics Hub for Supermarket Logistics, this ties in with containers now being re-routed to Liverpool from southern ports due to congestion.


This mini brochure is designed to showcase and precis the logistics services provided by ambient supermarket logistics specialists Supply Chain Solution Ltd.​ This brochure provides an overview of existing services and also pre Brexit plans to help manufacturers, distributors, Logistics Operators, & Importers / Exporters overcome some of the Logistical challenges that complex supply chains will face when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

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Are you prepared for Brexit?