Supply Chain Solution have produced a warehousing guide for community hubs to use as they set up warehouses and packing stations amongst Covid-19 feed the nation efforts. 

end to end

End to End Logistics Services offers suppliers to UK & Irish Supermarket groups the opportunity to monitor their goods at each stage of the logistics process. There is no one size fits all with all the uncertainty regarding both Brexit and Corona Virus. Our platform involves engagement with logistics partners to provide a pipeline of information, covering confirmation of shipment, potential diversions, arrival at destination port, through to customs clearance, destuffing and final delivery to the RDC.

Are you a food supplier or manufacturer? You can help us, along with Fare Share UK and Jamie Carragher’s 23 Foundation to feed the nation’s food banks by donating any rejected loads or raw materials you may have, anywhere in the U.K.  

costco iamge

During February 2020 we  successfully delivered twice to Costco NDC in Crick. Our project involved receiving furniture from Europe and repalletising onto chep pallets prior to delivery. All rework, storage, handling and delivery took place within the same week.

Whilst the media are quick to enforce panic buying headlines, those in the industry know that regular shelf profiles were merely caught off guard by the surge in sales of Covid-19 staple products. Hand gel, medicines, tinned foods and surprisingly, toilet roll sales peaked leading to gaps on shelves which have been widely publicised.

The UK supply chain is expected to take a few days to be operational at these increased rates but should make a full and functional return to service.


Recently we have seen high winds close some UK ports due to storms like Ciara and Dennis making ships unable to dock. Whilst we can’t prevent this, we can offer alternative routes to getting your goods to our warehouses. If you are looking at ways to reduce quay rent, demurrage and other costs, we may be able to offer you a solution.