We have been preparing for Brexit for over a year now and have been working towards a variety of solutions in order to minimise disrution to your Supply Chain.


This mini brochure is designed to showcase and precis the logistics services provided by ambient supermarket logistics specialists Supply Chain Solution Ltd, and their temperature controlled logistics & forwarding partner Frigoré Ltd.​



We have 23 regional warehouses offering offload, repack, restacking and distribution facilities. Our warehouses are generally located near to the Aldi / Lidl RDC,s (Regional Distribution Centres). We are looking to expand partner warehouses in the following locations:

  • Leicestershire
  • South Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire
  • Teeside

If your warehouse can offer the services we require and you would like to become an Approved Supplier of Warehousing Services to us, please complete the application process

eu 1473958 640

Are you prepared for Brexit?

We have 23 Regional warehouses located throughout the UK & Ireland. The purpose of these warehouses is to provide Regional offloading locations for rejected or damaged goods.

Simply complete our weblink with your load details, identify the region you need the facilities, and your enquiry is sent directly to our regional warehouse partners. We then confirm to you how or if we can help, which is dependent upon the condition of the load and time of day etc. Please see our weblink to rejected loads