Advantages of using SCS Supermarket Ambient Logistics Services over Pallet Networks

Our aim is to provide seamless logistics services for suppliers of goods to Supermarket groups in the UK. We understand that the majority of goods supplied  originate from outside the UK and that complex logistical problems need to be overcome by having a reliable and trustworthy partner. We believe that customer service and the development of relationships are key.



If you bring fresh fruit and veg into the UK, listen to this interview about the impending problems a hard Brexit will bring and its impacts on Supermarket and Supermarket Logistics.  These no deal Brexiteers do not have a clue. 

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B&M, one of the UK’s leading variety retailers, has announced it is increasing its cargo into the Port of Liverpool by 30 per cent following frustrations with delay-struck southern ports.

After completing a successful trial at the port, the company, which has 600 stores and employs over 28,000 staff across the UK, will now ship 80 per cent of its stock via Liverpool, increasing 30 per cent of the volume on a trial basis.

The move comes amidst ongoing distress in southern ports, with the bargain retailer increasingly frustrated with delays and ongoing inland logistic issues.

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We are attending the ISM in Koln today. We provide logistics services to manufacturers / distributors etc to need cost effective distribution & warehousing services to the UK supermarket groups.

We have produced a digital flipbook to showcase our services, if you want us to come and see you , please advise

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Growing amounts of UK shippers are substituting their container import location from the congestion of Southampton and Felixstowe to Liverpool.

Liverpool2 was a £400 million investment by Peel Ports to create a deep-water container terminal capable of handling all vessels in the global fleet. It currently has:

  • 70% yard capacity to support incoming containers;
  • Berth capacity and no queuing for incoming vessels;
  • Fast haulier turnaround time – averaging 42 minutes;
  • Low dwell times for containers;
  • Strong haulier network to service business with Supply Chain Solutions Northern warehouse hub
  • North- and south-bound rail connectivity

Are you concerned about how you will get your goods to Lidl in the event of a Hard Brexit? This year we spent time at the Port of Rotterdam & Dublin to look at new routes to market. In addition to that we have set up a "drop & swap" container operation from the Port of Liverpool and also offer the same with trailers for Northern based manufacturers / suppliers to Lidl. We are aiming to to become the Northern Logistics Hub for Supermarket Logistics, this ties in with containers now being re-routed to Liverpool from southern ports due to congestion.