We are looking to collaborate with a mainland EU transport and supermarket logistics partner in either Belgium, Germany or Holland. We aim to set up a triangulation of logistics services between UK-IRELAND-EU in all directions.



“With a decision on Brexit rapidly approaching, the Government has recently engaged in talks with distributors after realising that the UK has a significant shortage of the ‘right type’ of pallets required to import and export goods.

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As you will see from our sister website we are offering a range of differing logistics platforms to service the Irish market. The long term plan is to replicate what we have in the UK into Ireland. This will involve direct shipments of cargo to Ireland by trailers from the EU and also containers from Global Destinations.



Crawford Falconer, the UK's chief trade negotiation adviser since 2017, said that the UK had "very little to say" on trade when he took over his job. However, he claimed that things were now "changing rapidly and will change ever more rapidly".

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Our recent expansion of supermarket logistics services into Ireland through our sister company Frigore EU has already reaped dividends. A 7000 unit order of DIY stock was successfully reworked, re-labelled and stood upright in pallet boxes.

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Big Manufacturers from China are starting to relocate to Vietnam to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement with the EU signed in June.